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AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Cheap. Easy cleanup. Portable.

The Cons:Requires proprietary filters which can only be found in specialty shops (although it ships with 350).

Water and grounds are mixed together for ten seconds. Then gentle air pressure pushes the mix through a micro-filter in 20 seconds. The total brewing time of only 30 seconds results in exceptionally smooth flavor.

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    Easy cleanup

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    Great tasting espresso & coffee

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    Requires proprietary filters which can only be found in specialty shops (although it ships with 350)

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kali205: #aeropress_coffee_espresso_maker The aeropress allows you to "play" with your technique to produce coffee the way you like it, by varying the time you mix the grounds with the coffee before pressing, the temperature of the water and the amount of grounds to water. It manages to bring out the best of cheap grounds as well, if the need arises. The circular filters are readily available through several online shops. It definitely produced better coffee than my mid-range espresso maker, french press, and drip-pot, and now has become my favorite way to make coffee. May 12, 08
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sharonna: #aeropress_coffee_espresso_maker I've tried this before and found that even though the Aeropress makes a really clean cup of coffee, it's still inferior to the French press. The reason being is that the grinds and water mix only for a short period of time and through extraction the filter absorbs too much of the oil and aroma. The coffee will taste as good as Starbucks because ... well Starbucks brewed kind of does the same thing! Aug 15, 07
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MikeGillan: #aeropress_coffee_espresso_maker This is an ingenious device. I was looking for a better cup of espresso but didn't want to pay big bucks, so I decided to try the Aeropress. I bought mine online from Birds & Beans (which is in Toronto) and was really impressed with the quality of the coffee / espresso it brews. I've read some online reviews comparing it to machines that cost thousands of dollars... I'm not a coffee or espresso tasting expert, but what I will say that that the espressos and lattes I make with my Aeropress are as good as the ones I get from Starbucks. I highly recommend it! Apr 13, 07
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